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The main aim of our support group is to help people that have been afflicted with these problems.  We are available for hospital visits, home visits or just phone calls or emails. It seems to really make a positive difference, getting a visit from a recovered patient who can relate to their problems.  It seems to help every patient we have visited or spoken to - as they can relate to someone that has been through the same thing. It provides hope that they will get well. Just being able to talk with someone who has been through it is a real comfort.

We will not only try to help patients, but also their friends & family.  It is a difficult time for families as they feel quite helpless, & unable to help.  There are plenty of things that you can do to help the patient, look under “recovery” for details.

We have meetings about once a year, where everyone gets together for nibblies & drinks, and to talk about our experiences, but we also have a laugh.  We try to update everyone on the latest medical breakthroughs, and the latest treatments available.

Please contact us if you would like to join our group. Donations are always welcomed.


Services available from the South East Qld Group include:

·   Visits to patients by recovered persons

·   Support via phone & email

·   Support to family & friends of patient

·   Information booklet

·   Yearly newsletter

·   Medical accessory information

·   Occasional get togethers with other sufferers

·   Recommendations to medical facilities

·   Recommended health care

·   Books and reading material

·   Advice & Recommendations

·   A friendly ear to understand